A Unique Product that Assists with Migraine Headache Pain Relief! Introducing HeadFX™

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Clinically Proven to Assist with Relief from Migraine & Headache Pain

Using an effective combination of pressure point/trigger therapy, aromatherapy, and hot or cold application, HeadFX™ provides an easy, non-toxic, hands-free method that assists in relieving migraine and headache pain, sinus congestion, eye strain and more! 

HeadFX™ is the ideal product for those looking for assistance with pain relief that can be used anywhere & anytime. 

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Fast & Soothing Dark Room Effect

HeadFX™ helps to facilitate a restful sleep and is conveniently designed with a unique, pull down eye cover that creates a dark room effect anywhere you are. Aromatherapy essential oil diffusers - 3 different scents included with purchase - enhance relaxation and provide soothing comfort.

HeadFX™ with the flip-down eye cover and aromatherapy will help ease stress, anxiety, insomnia, tension and restlessness. HeadFX™ helps to restore your daytime energy & improve concentration so that you can quickly go about your day!

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HeadFX™ All-In-One Pain Relief System arrives in an attractive display box ready for gift wrapping! Great gift for any occasion. 

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Head FX™ Television Debut!

See how Head FX™ helps to provide pain relief, as featured in detail on The Home Shopping Channel. 

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