Hot / Cold Therapy

Watch the video below to see how the HeadFX™ Pain Relief System eases your pain and provides immediate soothing comfort! What type of migraine headache you have will determine whether to use hot or cold therapy. If your pain involves a lot of inflammation, it's best to avoid using hot therapy. Heat will open the blood vessels and increase blood flow, which will create even more pressure. On the other hand, if your headaches are due to tight muscles, cold therapy may tighten them even more.

We have good news ... applying HeadFX™ hot and/or cold therapy to manage migraine headaches and pain has been clinically proven to provide relief!

Heat Therapy:

HeadFX™ soothes and relaxes tense muscles and releases tension. Heat reduces the number of painful nerve impulses and provides soothing comfort. Heat therapy relaxes you all over which can help with stress.

For Sinus Pain: Using the HeadFX™ eye cover along with the natural grain-filled eye bag insert soothes congested sinuses and eases sinus pain.

Cold Therapy:The HeadFX™ compression band helps by constricting blood vessels and easing muscle spasms. This therapy relaxes muscles, reduces swelling and slows the transmission of nerve messages. HeadFX™ creates a natural numbing effect and reduces the pressure in your head, which will ease your pain.

Using the eye mask cold helps to relieve puffiness and tension in the frontal eye area.

HeadFX™ is ideal for office workers, computer gamers and those who experience eye strain!