Light Sensitivity

Watch the video below to see how the HeadFX™ Pain Relief System eases your pain and provides immediate soothing comfort!

Ask anyone who suffers from migraine headaches what they do when they’re having an attack and you will inevitably hear “I get into a dark room right away and stay there!” 

Photophobia (not to be confused with an irrational fear of light) is an intense discomfort and/or pain in the eyes due to light exposure during a migraine episode. Migraine users have been known to wear dark sunglasses, even at night, as even the dimmest bit of light can make a migraine pain worse…and the pain intensifies with every second of exposure. It is extremely disabling, preventing migraine sufferers from performing routine activities such as reading, writing, working or driving.

HeadFX™ is designed with a unique pull down eye cover that creates a dark room effect. Users report relief within 20 to 30 minutes after applying the HeadFX™ eye cover and accompanying therapies.

HeadFX™  can be worn at the office, school, during travel – anywhere you need a quick dark room effect to help with your migraine and headache pain.