Pressure Point Therapy

What makes Head FX™ effective is its ability to decrease pressure/trigger point sensitivity, allowing muscle relaxation and pain relief.

Watch the video below to see how the HeadFX™ Pain Relief System eases your pain and provides immediate soothing comfort!


Trigger/pressure points within the neck and head regions have been widely known to be the main cause of migraine and headache pain. Pressure point therapy releases energy, unblocks systemic pathways within the body and promotes deep tissue penetration. 

Using  HeadFX™ decreases pressure point sensitivity, allowing muscle relaxation and pain relief, and when combined with hot/cold therapy and aromatherapy has been proven to be a superior treatment protocol for head pain.

HeadFX™ provides a natural method of pain relief by releasing pressure/trigger points. The specially designed compression head band applies slight pressure to specific points on the temples and muscles surrounding the head and back of neck to help relieve migraine pain, headaches, stress and tension – with no side effects.

A study conducted by neurologists from Yousef Hmaidan and Carlo Cianchetti and published in the Journal of Neurology demonstrated the positive effectiveness of applying pressure to the superficial temporal arteries (the scalp) to alleviate pain caused by migraine and headache. It was concluded that slight compression of the superficial temporal artery can alleviate a migraine attack and a cluster headache, with many patients obtaining significant or full and lasting relief from the pain. Reference: Journal of Neurology, volume 253, number 6, June 2006.